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What We Do

Integrative Cancer Care at Peterborough Centre of Naturopathic Medicine means we work in collaboration with oncologists and family physicians to develop therapeutic protocols that reduce side effects, improve tolerability, and optimize success rates. 


Conventional treatments are excellent at eliminating tumors and cancer from the body. We are not against that. Our integrative therapies work in tandem by strengthening the terrain of the entire body


Who We Help

We support individuals before, during, and beyond conventional cancer treatments.


Have you recently received a cancer diagnosis and want to understand all your options—including natural therapies?


Are you scheduled for surgery, chemo, or radiation and want to minimize the potential risk of side effects?


Maybe you’re currently undergoing hospital-based treatments and are looking for ways to improve your odds of a successful outcome.


Do you wish you had a plan of action to reduce your risk of cancer recurrence after your oncologist sends you on your way?

We also have a wealth of options for anyone wanting to focus on prevention because of family history, personal risk factors, or precancerous diagnoses.

Benefits of Integrative Cancer Care

Published research and clinical experience show us that natural therapies are a powerful way to improve energy, sleep, digestion, mood, pain management, immune strength, and overall wellness through cancer treatments.

A Lessen treatment side effects 
A Optimize outcomes
A Reduce cancer recurrence
A Proactive prevention
A Better quality of life

Most of all, integrative cancer care empowers you to take action on the things you CAN control about your body and your health.

Therapeutic Options

We believe in choosing natural therapies validated by clinical research and traditional use—that will be the most effective yet least invasive as possible.

Research is undeniable that diet and nutrition can reduce the side effects of chemo and support better outcomes.


Personalized Clinical Nutrition

At doses only achievable through intravenous delivery, vitamin C supports your immune system, reduces pain, and improves quality of life.

IV Bag Prep.JPG

IV Vitamin C

Mistletoe is the most common supportive cancer treatment in Europe. It is directly toxic to cancer cells yet protective to healthy cells.


Mistletoe Therapy (Helixor)

Depending on your unique situation and needs, we will tap into our extensive toolkit of naturopathic therapies, which may include botanicals, acupuncture, homeopathy, supplements, and more.


Naturopathic Care

Our Process

Comprehensive Assessment

Your initial consultation includes a review of your recent health history, including lab results, imaging, medical records, and your conventional treatment plan. Dr. Tapp ND will do a physical exam and create a personalized plan to complement your conventional care. These visits can be either in person or online.



Cancer Care

You will receive guidance on nutrition, supplementation, and self-care activities you can do at home to reduce treatment side effects and improve outcomes. You might also be scheduled for clinical services like nutritional IVs, acupuncture, or mistletoe therapy.



Compassionate Guidance

Follow-up appointments with Dr. Tapp ND are an opportunity to monitor your response and adjust your therapies. These will be scheduled before and after your conventional treatments and as needed. These visits can be either in person or online.



We’re here to support you in transforming cancer into an opportunity to redefine your health.

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